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Aerial work

A Stimulating Job

This important sector of activity allows our students to quickly find their first job. Some opt for the possibility of becoming a flight instructor. Each year, more than 20 new pilots are hired for our various contracts.

As our flight training unit is an integral part of our operations, our pilots are not only trained to fly an aircraft but also to operate it. As we train future employees, our students are given priority during hiring periods.

Operating Certificate

Our operating certificate authorizes us to perform a multitude of aerial work such as aerial overflights, forest fire detection, bird-dogging, LIDAR, SURVEY, imagery, aerial photography, etc.

Specialized Airplanes

Several major modifications have been made to certain aircraft to meet the needs of our customers. If you have a project, we have the capabilities and the means to help you achieve it. If the need arises, we do not shy away from the possibility of making modifications to our aircraft to carry out your projects and integrate your systems.

A beautiful novelty from 2019: one of our Navajo’s got a makeover! Indeed, our FUMN has renewed its two propellers, its two engines, its interior fittings and its control panel. These actions have been taken to optimize the comfort and safety of our passengers. The changes don't stop there! This plane, which was already equipped with the SURVEY modification, also received a 21 ’’ by 22 ’’ opening that could accommodate LIDAR equipment and cameras for aerial photography! Call us for a personalized quote according to your projects.

Why Exactair ?

We Adapt To Your Request

You have specific needs, we can do it for you.

Personalized Submissions

Our service offerings are fully adapted.

Modified And Restored Aircraft

Our aircraft are equipped with the latest technology in the field.

Professional Service

We take care of the work at all stages with professionalism and safety.

Fire patrol

Protection Of Forests Against Fire (Sopfeu)

Twenty aircraft and as many pilots fly over Quebec each summer in order to protect our forests from fire. This work is carried out in collaboration with SOPFEU.


Our thirteen Cessna 182 RGs and three of our Cessna 310s were modified with the installation of the SKY DEPLOY SYSTEM which allows precise navigation according to the required patrol and maintains communications with the SOPFEU offices, no matter which remote region is overflown.

Bird-Dogging And Transport

Two Cessna 310, two Navajo and one King Air A100 are used for bird-dogging and transportation of SOPFEU employees between the different bases. Our aircraft are called out with the air tankers. The airtankers will always be accompanied by a bird-dog support aircraft who will be the air traffic controller for aircraft responsible for firefighting operations.


Roberval – Chibougamau- Radisson (La Grande) – Rivière Bonard – Manic 5 – Havre St-Pierre - Baie-Comeau - Val-d'Or


For more than 12 years, ExactAir has carried out dozens of overflight contracts across North America. Pilots can be called upon to work anywhere on the continent, as demonstrated by the following example: one pilot flew surveys for a few weeks in California and then headed to Taloyoak in the northern Northwest Territories!

The Survey is a specialized airborne operation. It involves flying at low altitude, between 200 and 300 feet from the ground, to read Earth's magnetism. In addition to magnetic surveys, it is also possible to do spectrometry. These techniques allow you to explore what’s underground without digging. Scientists, as well as resource companies use it to save time and money while preserving the sites surveyed.

This job is suitable for an adventure-loving pilot, as contracts are made across Canada, both in the south and in the Arctic! We use three Piper Navajo and one King Air A100.

Lidar and photography

LIDAR means Light (laser) Detection and Ranging. This technique is used, among others, in topography and forestry. LIDAR operations and those of specialized aerial photographs are carried out jointly with our clients. In fact, we take care of the aircraft, piloting it and all the necessary technical support, while specialized on-board systems are provided are provided by clients working in the field. Over the years, we have had the good fortune to perform LIDAR all over North America.

As new systems have evolved, we have modified to our aircraft in accordance. We have, among others modifications, a newly modified Piper Navajo able to accommodate imaging equipment requiring an opening of up to 21’’ by 22 ’’. We also have two Navajo’s that can accommodate devices requiring 8” by 14” openings.

In addition, for the comfort of our customers, we have opted for a complete restoration of the aircraft including the two motors, the two propellers (zero hour), a completely refurbished interior layout as well as state-of-the-art instrumentation.

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